This last week has been a little crazy around here.
Well, now that I think about it, this last month has been crazy busy.
No complaints, just an observation.
And in lieu of all that crazy business, a photo dump.
A photo roundup.
whew, much better.
A few weeks ago:
 The sunsets were amazing last month!
(PS: I didn’t photoshop this!)
What’s been keeping us running around and driving too and fro all month long:
(Our little one played tball for the first time this year! woot woot!)
Perks of summer:
 Lunch on the sidewalk.
and another perk: 
Sprinkler running.

In case your wondering,
I like clover in the yard.

yup, uh huh.
I actually prefer it to all that perfect grassiness.
A downside to summer?
No worries!
She got up and went another 152 times
Fly fishing:
Minus the fish part.
 Firework watching:
 ( I did not move to get this photo, she put her chair RIGHT in font of me, luckily she is only 3 feet tall or my view of all the totally awesome walmart fireworks would of been ruined. phew.)

Once again, her stoic face leads you to believe she didn’t enjoy the walmart fireworks.
She did!!
 and say hello to the mild version of my oldest daughters camping face:
I say mild because when I gave her a bath the night before the water took on the color of mud. I won’t even go into the state of her nails.
Lets just say..ew.
and last night:
I may or may not be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure whoever was letting these babies off didn’t get them from Walmart.

The End.


  1. says

    What a great journalistic blog post Leesha. I love these kind — so fun. I do some of them myself now and then. Great stuff that made me smile. Loved the fishing one and the fireworks one … and oh yea, everything in between. Thanks for the smile. Mary

  2. says

    Leesha, I love a good photo dump…er, roundup 🙂 Looks like yall have been busy sopping up every bit of summer! I love the shots of the sunset (wow!) and the fireworks, and the sweet shots of your little ladies. Enjoy your weekend, friend!


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