School Park

Have I mentioned I love Summer time?

 I do.

And my girls, like any pint sized ragamuffins, love it too.
So I smother them with sunscreen, and then douse them with OFF! and away we go.
That’s my verbal interpretation of a swing.
Fun times.
Nail biting times.

And like all good little children, my girls brought home buckets of sand. 
Primarily in their hair.
I still love Summer.


  1. says

    What precious times with your girls 🙂 They’ll look back on this someday and be glad their mama spent so much time with them. Enjoy your weekend, friend!


  2. says

    Oh my goodness. Your pictures just make me catch my breath Leesha. I love them. Perfect.

    We love Summer at our house too. It is all sorts of magic. I hope your last month of summer is all sorts of sensational. May you find many more beautiful moments.

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