a day late

Here are all my shots for this weeks Scavenger Sunday…even though this is a Monday.
Hey, that’s one day earlier then last week!
Yay me!

So here weeee gooooo!

Seeing Double:

I had a few ideas in mind for this particular prompt,
but ended up doing something pretty simple in the end.
Just my husband fly fishing while camping this weekend.
The doubling part is his reflection. Super creative duncha think?


A few months back I won PW’s photo assignment for Action,  and I was ecstatic!
What does that have to do with this bird you ask?
Well, I was able to finally get a new zoom lens with my winnings!
 I put that new zoom to the test this weekend and was able to get up close to this critter.
yay again!


Our camp.

I wish the people were in focus, 
but I was having issues focusing in the pitch black and so they turned out perrrty fuzzy. 
Maybe next time! 🙂


My garden has finnaly produced these bad boys!


 Everyone has a candy jar in the pantry, right…right?!


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