Foggy Trees

Pioneer Woman’s photo assignment this go around is black and white.
I entered in some of my favorite shots (I love BW!), 
but this one has to be one of my all time fav’s:
I took this last winter down the road from our house.
I’m not too sure of the purpose of these planted tree groves (farms? fields?), but there are plenty of them around here and I like their symmetry.
I was super pumped to see this photo make it into group 2 this week!! 
If you have the time you need to check out all the other PW entries on her blog, there are some real beauties.
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    Leesha, I made my way to PW through some other route today that I couldn’t even tell you how, but I was scrolling down through all these AMAZING prints and came to this one and thought the very same, then was so shocked to look down and see it was yours! I didn’t see anyone else’s blog site that I knew. Seriously, what a contender you are and I am going to try and search out the rules of the contest and how they pick a winner because they were all so beautiful and I want to know if I have to vote for you or if someone else judges and declares the winners. If you get the chance, will you write me an e-mail and explain some of it. It was actually refreshing to look at stuff other than faces all the time. Truly, an amazing print. Did I read one time on your blog that you won Motion at PW? If so would you please send me the link or is it the water fall below in the footer? You got talent girl! Mary

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    Wow, this is just stunning! I love this! Just an amazing photo with the super tall trees, the perspective and the fog! Let us know if we can vote for you.

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