Friendship. Furry style.

My girls have had a built in buddy from birth. 
A brother from another mother.
And…another father for that matter.
And when I saw the theme for I Heart Faces was going to be friendship,
I couldn’t think of a better friend to my girls then him:

 Anyone would be hard pressed to find a friend that will:
eat all your leftovers,
tolerate endless tail pulling,
sit and stay on command (sometimes),
and not be offended when you call them dogger woggers.

And I think he would have a hard time finding a little girl who loves him so much.

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  1. says

    Just writing to remind you what I wrote above about half way up … that you were going to get another win. Am I good or what? Obviously not so good at taking winning pictures, but I sure can pick em! Congratulations, you totally deserve this!!! Mary

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