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My mother in law recently had a HUGE yard sale. 
She went through her parents shop and cellar and gathered up wonderful treasures that had been hidden for years.
Well, this weekend  I combed through the leftovers and was ecstatic to see this frame still there:
Why no one bought this is beyond me!
Don’t you see its potential? 
(please excuse the terrible photos.. it was late when I took these and all I had was the horrible kitchen and bathroom lighting to work with.)
Originally this window frame had a screen and it was grungy (as in bird poop-a-rama. eww), so I took a razor blade, cut it out and gave the frame a good scrub down.
After cleaning and cleaning and cleaning it I got out my supplies:
Carpenter nails:
(originally they bright sliver and since I wanted a more worn look I painted them black then dabbed some of the paint off with a Q-tip)
A kitchen cabinet door knob from Home Depot:

and some elbow grease….sorry no photo for that.
So I took all those goodies and made this bad boy:
How neat is that?

The great part is that the original paint goes with my rug in the living room.


So this is what I had in the space before:
and after:
slightly less boring.

I don’t have all the photos to put in it just yet, but I will be adding lots of B&W ones once I get them ordered. I also bought some small clothes pins that I’m going to use in place of the huge honkers I have in this photo.
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