How we almost burned alive. almost.

See this?
This is a raging forest fire.
Raging being a relative term.
And this?
Firefighters landing by our camp.
Firefighters on their way to fight that raging out of control fire by our said camp.
We were pinned in the middle folks.
It was a hairy situation.
Sooooo..ummmm this is our camp site and..uhhhh that arrow is pointing to the helicopter dot.
This may or may not seem close to you, it just depends on your Raging Forest Fire Comfort Zone.
R.F.F.C.Z. for short.
My particular R.F.F.C.Z. is about 623.6 miles.
I was planning a evacuation route.
What the?!
Is it just me or does it appear that they have employed the use of a thimble as their main fire fighting arsenal?!
Goodness…this can’t be right!
There must of been some crazy mix up! 

I must tell them!

“ummm hi yes… Mr. Firefigher guy or uhhh gal…I was just thinking just mayyyyybe a larger bucket would be more sufficient at dousing that rager up there?? Yes, I’m aware I know nothing of fires, helicopters, weight limits and all other venues of the firefighter arena, but I just can’t help but stick my nose where it doesn’t belong. Sincerely, concerned citizen”
“Okay, 10-4 crazy lady.”
So glad I could help.
PS: We made it out alive, but not before the discussion of running into the lake and using straws as our life saving breathing apparatus was brought up. 
I, however, can not claim this brilliant idea.


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    Seriously Leesha, too funny. Been there, done that with the Idaho fires. Over and out there Crazy Lady. Mary Btw, loved the Wordless Wednesday commentary also. 🙂

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