last and least.

 These are some of the last few shots from our outing this week:
I have been dinking around with my watermark lately.
Could ya tell?
I think I may of found one that I will use for more then a week.
I used to think that watermarking took away from pictures..but since I have found more and more of my pictures popping up places without my permission I figure I better start branding em.
I mean,
I can’t let anyone else claim this stinker!
 She’s mine… all mine!! 
Okay….she’s her dads too. 
And her little sister claims her when they are not fighting..
 So 50% of the time.
Fighting between these girls become a sport, hobby and extracurricular activity lately.
With that said..I would like pass on a message to my mom:
Dear Mom, 
I’m sooooo sorry  for all the times I drove you crazy by picking on my little brother.
I should never of threw his underpants out the window, attacked him with a tumble weed, or stabbed him with a pen… oh wait..he did that to ME! grrrrr
but Im over that..kinda… I have a scar ya know.. 
where was I….oh yeah…
You can rest assured I am paying my dues.
Your scared loving daughter
Last and very certainly least…
(though it makes me feel like a freak posting pictures of myself)
….I wanted to share one that my husband took of me:
 “Hi, my name is Leesha and I’m pretending to act casual.”
oh dear.


  1. says

    the logos looking good. i struggle still. i think i change mine like every day. funny part is i make logos for others and never has this same amount of trouble! ha. but anyway, i also love when my friends post self portraits. yours is beautiful. maybe you and the hubby will have to become a team 🙂

  2. says

    Hi Leesha,

    I’m coming over from Sara’s blog to say hello 🙂
    Love your watermark.. I don’t have one for myself as yet. I think I need to work on one soon.
    Lovely pics of your daughter, and of you too 🙂

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