Helloooooooo readers.
ya there?
I have to admit, I sometimes wonder…who all reads this thing?? 
  I blabber a lot and I’m sure you tend to find yourselves overcome with boredom.
With that said, thanks for sticking it out if you made it to this sentence.
You rock!
Now, I know some of my best friends read this (you know who you are!),
And of course family (hello! Its mandatory!).
Some acquaintances (howdy),
blog hoppers (Stay! like me! love me! I’m not needy at all!!),
and even some of you wonderful blog friends of mine who have never even met me in person (thanks for sticking around!).
and I wonder..
Would you recognize me if we happen to cross paths at the Walmart?
Probably not.
I’m always behind the camera.
Where its safe.
Where no one can take grotesque photos of you, upload them and then tag you for the world to see.
(It happened once, I’m still not over the trauma.)
  Uhhhh….where am I going with this?
*scratches head*
Oh yeah!
 I recently stepped in font of the lens.
It was scary, but it had to be done.
Ya seeeeee, I needed a decent picture of myself
(for a really cool reason I will be blogging about later). 
So I packed up the family, bossed guided my husband with my camera as I pasted on a grin and went for the plunge.
Here I am.
**Disclaimer: You will still never recognize me if we happen among each-other in the Walmart.**
Cause I NEVER look this put together.
Such is life.


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    So pretty!! Your dude did a great job. I never see anyone when I’m put together. It’s only when I’m dumpy that I run into 7 people from high school and 4 people that I deleted on FB. LOL

  2. says

    You are a hoot Miss Leesha! You know I already saw this picture … must have been on your profile or something and I thought it was so pretty … that you are so pretty. Good for you to get it done and now I am like a kid in a candy store wondering why you had to have it taken. Do tell, don’t keep your minions waiting! Mary

  3. says

    You are so beautiful. I bet you look even prettier when you are not put together : )

    I told the kids today while I was BRUSHING MY HAIR and driving down the highway they should have a more foo foo Mama who does makeup and hair at home in the mirror : ) versus while driving down the highway. They didn’t seem to care one way or the other. Someday I will be cool and put together like you!

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