New shoes make you run faster…dun-cha know?

The first week of school is almost over.
We survived. 
My early morning rising almost did me in.
oh, my daughter??? Yeah, she’s doin’ good too.
On the first morning, before she left for school, she had to show me how her new shoes greatly increased the speed in which she could run:
Did you think that as a kid?
I clearly remember running like a wild child up and down the isles of the Pay-less thinking my new shoes made me run like the wind.
And now….I couldn’t help but smile as my daughter ran up and down the driveway with a big ‘ol grin on her face saying, “See mom?! See?!!”
I told her she was running like the wind.

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    I’m a morning person, but definitely not a “wake up to alarm, drag kids out of bed, throw a bag lunch together, sit in carpool line” kind of morning person!

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