Rough life

Being four years old can be such a bummer. ——-o——- Entry for: And then, she {snapped}Sweet Shot Tuesday The Paper Mama

Flyn Charlie Tutorial

Here is the before and after photos of the following tutorial: Before:  After:  The very first thing I did to start my edit was open up the unedited photo of Charlie into Photoshop.  You can find PW’s original photo here. Once opened I duplicated the photo (right click on photo in layers pallet>duplicate layer). Then […]

Flyn’ Charlie

Taking an idea and creating it in Photoshop gives me a thrill. So when Pioneer Woman hosts an Edit This assignment I’m all over it! It gives me a chance to edit a photo I didn’t take, so I never know what to expect. Recently PW hosted an Edit This with photo of her dog […]

Summer Face

 The I Heart Faces theme this week is your best face photo from the Summer. My little one playing on the merry go round in the park.


Summer is ending. Soon there will be no more days at the park. No merry go rounds. No swings.   No relaxing hot days in the backyard spa.   No warm evening bike rides, Ice cream won’t be AS refreshing.   Cute summer dresses will have to be covered with sweaters and worn with tights. […]