Flyn’ Charlie

Taking an idea and creating it in Photoshop gives me a thrill.
So when Pioneer Woman hosts an Edit This assignment I’m all over it!
It gives me a chance to edit a photo I didn’t take, so I never know what to expect.
Recently PW hosted an Edit This with photo of her dog Charlie jumping haystacks. My first thought was adding a cape and making him some sort of Super Dog, but I liked being a little unconventional… 
So I tinkered around a bit and decided on creating some sort of 
whimsical dog-floating balloon-ish-thingy-ma-bob.
Here is the original photo:
It was so fun to create!! 
And since I have learned so much from other people’s blogs and tutorials I thought I would give writing a tutorial on how I did my edit.  You can see that here. 
And I would like to say, I have a new appreciation for folks who write PS tutorials with screen shots and directions. Its way more difficult than I thought… made more so by my crazy all over the place editing style. 🙂

And here are a few more:

I love Wipeout. I laugh out loud when the folks go bouncing off the big balls, get punched, fall into the mud, and fly off whatever crazy contraption they have that episode…
Its so totally only for super-duper, really mature audiences only.
NOT. 😉

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