My new old toy.

I have been eyeing this old  trike in a local antique store for a few weeks now. 
I fell in love with it right away.
I wanted it.
No, I NEEDED it….
(I have a flare for the dramatics).

My new old toy. 37/52

So after going back and forth about buying it..
(I also have a flare for indecisiveness) 
I took the plunge this weekend and bought it.
Isn’t  it cute?
 It’s circa 1920’s, and I can just  imagine all the little kids that have made memories on it.

I love cute old things. 🙂

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    Brilliant photo – the way you’ve captured it, you can almost see little people on the bike from generations ago. I’ve seen your photos in various challenges/link ups but this is the first time I’ve looked through some previous posts on your blog. And what a pleasure it’s been – your photography is just wonderful, I really like your style and your commentary. Thank you, your work is very inspiring.

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