Wordy Wednesday

I’m always super thrilled and extremely honored when I have people ask me to take their photos.
However, I will admit a slight fear.
My reaction process usually goes a little something like this:
  1. Shock: “Me? Me? Take YOUR photos?! Really?! Meeeeeee?”
  2. Denial: “Surely not me…no..can’t be…”
  3. Fear: “Oh crap, what if I suck?”
  4. Super fear: “What if they don’t turn out?!! What if they reeeeealllly suck?”
  5. Hunger: “Where did I put that doughnut?”
  6. Acceptance: “Holy crap, they DO want me to take their photos”
  7. And lastly (and what I can only contribute to a sugar high, re: doughnut), Hope: ” I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.”
And if I never reach number 7???  
I require a reality check: 
A swift bop on the head.
I like to think that my husband married me because he likes riding emotional roller-coasters.
Right hun?
Anyhoo, I really do enjoy the opportunity to photograph folks! 
Especially super adorable ones like this:
Soon to be a family of four!
Another little girl!
(Yay for girls!! I am a little biased)
Normally this little lady is all smiles like this:
But that’s about one of the only grins we got out of her the whole time.. 
and I think its cause she knew we were leaving.
But when your this stinkn’ adorable..
do you really need to smile?
But a slight tickle torture never hurts either.
Big thanks to the K family for letting me take their photos during a thunder storm with mosquitoes, dead snakes and my undiagnosed case of neurosis.
You rock.


  1. says

    Thanks everyone!
    Faith: I used lots of textures and tons of different actions (some from florabella. 🙂

    Steph: Awwww shucks! 😉 Your so sweet! (*this is me giving you a hug*)

  2. says

    wow, you are good, remember that 😉 wonderful images, I have the same thing but am not at the stage where I do many pics for others, I panic about selling my work generally 🙂 I hope you have a great day x

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