For the FUNNY of it.

Do you Pinterest?
If you said no.. let me ask you this.. do you want to find another huge fun time waster on the net?
Of course you do! 
Who doesn’t? right???

Here is a link if you wanna check it out.

So, in lue of my love for Pinterest I wanted to share some of my funny pins:
 (I did not make these… just Pinned them.)
I don’t think Kraft has ever prefferated mac and cheese boxes. 
They laugh at us, Im sure of it. 
But were on to you!!!

Errrrrr sooo we all must be going commando now??
I’m really behind on current trends.

Soooo true!! But lets try and be a litttttle more happy about it, eh?

Which is exactly why I don’t google any sort of illness and why I don’t…no can’t,  watch The Doctors anymore.
Hope some of those made ya smile… I laughed out loud all by myself at a few.. 
Which always makes me feel like a fun loven’ weirdo.

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