For your health…..or something

Ahhhh yes… corn on the cob. 
A summer delicacy…. 
But, have you ever just cooked too many of these fab cobs and wondered what to do with the leftovers… Well I’m here to help.
Oh, and so is my little one.
Is this coveted family secret I’m about to share with you…
Easy to prepare?
 uh huh.
 Uhhh yeah, sure, why not?
Suspiciously similar looking to normal run of the mill corn?
kinda, sorta.
The secret?
The other secret?
The corn has to be COLD!
 Cold left over corn on the cob +  Mayo = absolute deliciousness and your friends categorizing you as weird (officially).
This recipes is recommended by four out of five dentists.
I may be confusing that with Colgate, but don’t knock it till ya try it…mmmmkay?

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