Memory Lane, pumpkin style.

You know those things you do every year with your family? 
Those traditions you look forward to?
We have a few, and in the Fall one of them is visiting the local pumpkin patch.
Since we had the girls its been our annual pilgrimage. 
Any by pilgrimage…. I mean 3 minute car ride.
So while editing the latest slew of pumpkin patch photo memorabilia I got to wondern’ about all those other years we’ve been there..
And so it begins… a stroll down memory lane.
I was a new mother….
And like all love blind rookies I wanted to dress my new four month old up as produce. 
Why not? 
She didn’t have opinions yet so she was game.
Either she formed an opinion and refused to wear her duckie costume (moving away from food groups that year), or I had an opinion that wrestling a 1 1/2 year old into anything was a nightmare and decided to forego the ensemble.
Its a toss up.
Awww yes! A new little sister.
Our sockless wonder who is so blinded by the sun she can’t even open her little peepers.
Sorry sis.
It. was. so. cold. that. year.
But nothing stopped us. We were going to that pumpkin patch come hell or high water.
(as you can see big sisters pants are 100% prepared for the high water).
I got a new camera that year, a Sony Cyber shot.. see no date in the corner? 
Got my new Nikon DLSR camera that year. 
What a difference!
And the time of day we went that year was perrrrfect. 
 No blinding sun, and no crowds either.
I think we pulled out of the parking lot just as the sun finally went down.
And of course, now 2011
With the added bonus of a straw maze.
do do do do dooooooo….

I love this shot..the sun is terrible and Im sure there are many things wrong with the composition..but she was lost and trying to find her bearings.
It just reminds me of  whistle pigs when they peek up outta there holes to scope out the land.
hmm its late…I think my mind is starting to wonder….or loose itself.


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