My Hero

My mom and I took the girls down the street from her house to my old elementary school to play.
We peeked in the windows of my old first grade classroom and my little first grader was in awe.
I was was too, because the room looks exactly the same….even the ceiling.
I would know, because when I was six years old I would stare at it real hard like when I was trying to conjure up brain matter to compute 2+3=___?
Back then I was sure looking up was the answer to all my problems. 
I was, what did they call it???
Oh yeah, special.
 *cough, cough*
moving on…
While there, my oldest took on the old monkey bars.
And while she poured her heart and soul into it..
 I couldn’t help but peek back at her little sister idolizing her from different angles. 
The eye level approach:
The elevated, leaning into it approach:
And the eagle eye top view approach:
Once the monkey bars were conquered,
(and little sister jotted down some tips)
they moved on.
I’m improvising here….
I’m pretty sure that’s what was said.

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