Favorite of the week

I was so lucky to of been asked to take photos of this family last weekend! They were such a riot and were smiling the whole time. yay!  Which made things pretty easy for me! 🙂 (Ohhh yeah)  We took a lot of photos, but if I were to choose my favorite from their session […]


(insert something clever and witty here.) (cause it just one of those days.) adios! -me ——-o——- and then, she {snapped}Shoot, Edit, Submit  Simple Things

First snow

Over the weekend we had our first blast of winter snow. It was blizzard like conditions! We were trapped indoors for hours while the storm raged on!! Ok. Not really. See those itty bitty flakes??? That was the extent of the storm. But that didn’t stop the girls from descending upon the show gear,  putting […]


I Heart Faces theme this week is Black. And like with their white theme, the photo can’t be in black and white. Awhile back I was trying out long exposures and had my husband use a candle as the only source of light.  And this was the result: