big bang

With my oldest in school during the day, she doesn’t always get fair camera time.  (case in point; little sister dominating blog posts as of late.)  Anyhoo, lately she has been obsessed with bangs.  (off topic I know, bear with me.) So she gets off the bus after school and has the front half of […]

Why my blog is dying

I have been neglecting my itty bitty corner of the blogsosphere since November. I have a valid excuse ya know. yup. Our family is upgrading from four, (okay five if you count the dog) to five humans….. and one dog. In other words, were expecting our third little one this summer!  Its going to be […]

my girlies

What a weird winter. Dry. Dry. Dry. Then… Rain. Rain. Rain. Where is the snow??  *sob*  *wail* *shudder with despair* But, in an effort to remain positive, it was a sunny and balmy 42 degree’s in our backyard this afternoon… So I dusted off the ole Nikon and snapped a photo of my girls. *click* […]

crafty, with limits.

We broke out the painting, coloring, cutting, artsy, crafty gear yesterday for my little one. Its messy, but its worth it.    “lalalalala” *CUT, CUT, CUT* *swish, glob, glob* And now………  TA DA!  wait a minute….. ummm there is no finished project for the big reveal. She has limited attention folks. ——-o——- and then, she […]