Best face of 2011

Its been ages since I have participated in I Heart Faces challenge. 
With the Holidays and all the other going on’s in our family I have neglected my blog and haven’t even been checking in on the new themes every week.
Well today I was doing my daily facebook read through and saw the theme posted this week was Best Face Photo of 2011. 
I can do that!
A little daunting perhaps since I took 5,895,327,892+ photos this last year, but believe it or not it only took me a few minutes to narrow it down to two cuties…and neither one were my kids. (<——I feel really bad typing that.. now i must justify: There are too many photos of my girls. TOO MANY. It would take hours to narrow and down and I just can’t pick between the two of them. whew. so there.)
Okay. So here she is:

Does your heart not melt at her cute smile??
100% adorable-ness.


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