big bang

With my oldest in school during the day, she doesn’t always get fair camera time. 
(case in point; little sister dominating blog posts as of late.) 
Anyhoo, lately she has been obsessed with bangs. 
(off topic I know, bear with me.)
So she gets off the bus after school and has the front half of her hair pulled out of her cute up do I slaved, sprayed, and curled that morning and now its just dangling in her face.
“Look mom, I made bangs!”
 Its pretty cute.
But since I’m a mean mom, I wont cut her real bangs.
The maintenance folks! The maintenance!
And besides, my mom gave me bangs as a kid. 
The kind that start in the back of your head. yeah. uh huh. Ever heard of em? 
There not an urban myth people.
I’m still traumatized.
So with the above excuses firmly in place, she improvises.
And I think she side swept look fits her beautifully.
She was so thrilled at her new creation she insisted I grab the camera and take her photo.
Equal camera time.
See I got back to the main topic!

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