my girlies

What a weird winter.
Dry. Dry. Dry.
Rain. Rain. Rain.
Where is the snow??
*shudder with despair*
But, in an effort to remain positive, it was a sunny and balmy 42 degree’s in our backyard this afternoon…
So I dusted off the ole Nikon and snapped a photo of my girls.
They look like they are enjoying the weather…but inside they’re sobbing for snow too, I’m sure of it.
OK, mayyyybe not sobbing… 
just anxiously waiting for some to finally fall and stick around long enough that we, errrr I mean they, can  assemble their snow gear and play outside before it melts and is lost to us for ever and ever.
(whew, that was a long sentence.)
This weenie winter is bumming me out people.

and then, she {snapped}

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