PW is back!

YES!  Hurray! PW is back with a photo assignment! I was beginning to wonder if she decided to drop the whole photo contest thing, but I was happy to see a new post today about a phone photo assignment. I have been capital ‘C’ Crummy on taking ANY sort of photo’s lately but I rallied […]

Spring soccer

My oldest had her first soccer game yesterday. She was sooo excited…  ummmmmm okay not really.  She cried before we left and said she didn’t want to go, her shoes were too tight, she doesn’t like wearing soccer socks (shin guards) and she was not having a good day.  Her words. But by golly she […]


I haven’t joined a I Heart Faces challenge in a while, but when I saw that the theme this month is happiness,  I had just the picture in mind. Even though this isn’t the bust your gut, laugh out loud, pee your pants (<——eek!), version of happiness….I can just tell by her content little expression […]

kites and hypotheses

Its been WINDY the last two days. And while I hunkered down fearful of a rouge tree might crash into our house, pinning me down, rendering me helpless… My girls headed outside with their new kites. They’re fearless I tell ya! and very strategic: “If the wind speed is traveling 52 MPH due East and […]