kites and hypotheses

Its been WINDY the last two days.
And while I hunkered down fearful of a rouge tree might crash into our house, pinning me down, rendering me helpless…
My girls headed outside with their new kites.
They’re fearless I tell ya!
and very strategic:
“If the wind speed is traveling 52 MPH due East and I am somehow rendered weightless, I hypothesize my Barbie kite could possibly carry me all the way to Toy’s R Us in approximately 46min.”
 “I hypothesize that I could steal all your toys while your gone.”
AND I hypothesize my belly will soon be eclipsing my feet.
Oy vey.

Moving a long…
 the weightless/flying issue remains to be seen, 
so until then….
And I also must note, my husband was the proud flier of a Transformers kite, 
picked out by his fearless girlies.
His fearless girlies who asked me, “Mom what the heck are Transformers?”

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