Spring soccer

My oldest had her first soccer game yesterday.
She was sooo excited… 
okay not really. 
She cried before we left and said she didn’t want to go, her shoes were too tight, she doesn’t like wearing soccer socks (shin guards) and she was not having a good day.
 Her words.
But by golly she made this super duper, really important play of the game:
Why does this always happen to me?!! 
She gets the ball and ‘hello!’ some dude gets in my way.
*smacks forehead*
(I’m pretty sure this was a game changer of a play, yup. uh huh.. you just can’t seeeeee it.)
okay now, said ‘dude’ has moved out of my field of vision.
She always runs with her arms and tongue out, its strategic….I think.
 Though I do fear one day she is going to biff it and bite her tongue something fierce.
Oh the Humanity!
*bites nails*
Sports can be scary for this blood/injury panic inducing mom.
*deep breath*
And she’s off!
I’m hoping Spring soccer will go better then Fall soccer. 
Last season she was hit in the face twice with the ball, so I’m certain she has paid her dues!
Thought we did conjure up the idea that it might be a good thing.. she has another loose tooth that REALLY needs to come out! 

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