Closet redo!

Thank you Pinterest for another amazing idea! 
We recently changed our front entry closet (that was on its way to becoming a major crap collector) to a functional space for our family. Now we have a place to hang up coats/backpacks AND a designated spot for shoes so we aren’t tripping over the huge pile by the front door.
Like most families we’re on a budget, so this project was started with what we had on hand. 
We used scrap wood, paint and trim left over from the previous owners. (yay!) 
Once the frame was built for the bench I tried using an old blanket for the padding, but it was so hard and uncomfortable we scrapped that idea and got some foamy stuff from Hobby Lobby. I also ended up picking up a curtain there which I used for the cover material.

For the shoe organizers I used old wooden cherry boxes I had in the garage. I used handles that I took off our old file cabinet before we threw it away. (I knew I could use them someday!)
 I covered two Avon boxes with cute contact paper on the upper shelf. They come with lids but I never use them (they are hard to cover with contact paper) so I added handles with a hole punch and jute. ( Pssst know an Avon lady? Ask for the boxes her product comes in every week! They are perfect closet makeover material!!) and then I grabbed an old basket I’ve had to store gloves/hats etc. for the middle piece.

 I made the star out of an old cereal box and modge podged old book pages over it for some cheap decor.

 Then using what I had around the house I painted some old brown canvas I had yellow and cut out ‘home’ from an old book pages. (old books are perfect for cutting letters out of. The paper is so thin you can get a real crisp edge with sharp scissors. I don’t have a cutting machine like the silhouette so I have to improvise.)

 Here are links to the blogs I got ideas from:
House of Smiths
In My Own Style
The 36th Ave.
For the star: 
The Glue Gun Girl  
 Just to give you an idea of what else I have used Avon boxes for, check out our upstairs linen closet.
 I covered the boxes with contact paper then just printed out labels on the computer. Super easy and looks WAY better then the disaster area it used to be.

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