Dining table revamp

Anyone else contemplating a revamp of your dining table??
I have been toying with the idea a long time, but wasn’t brave enough to tackle what I knew would be very time consuming… until now!
Here is a look at our hoo-hum, very-much-used, hand me down oak table that we have had for over 7 years:
Waaaaa Waaaaaaaa.
Combined with oak cabinets and oak floors it was overwhelming oakie.
My idea was to do something kinda shabby because… well…. who am I kidding??? 
When you screw up doing shabby you just claim it as part of the ‘look’. 
So here we go!
Before chair:
After Chair:
Midway stain:
(ohhhh lovely! Im liking it!)
Finished product:
A better look at the stain:
So, it didn’t turn out like I envisioned, but I can’t say too many of my projects ever look like the idea I started with in my head. I stood staring at the result once we brought it back inside and was a smidge bummed. 
The glaze was way thicker on the chairs then I wanted (it was pain in the arse to put on there) and I had to haul the table in by myself with the primer still wet cause a storm was coming..hence all the smudges since I banged around like a pin ball machine in the garage doorway. Oh, and I may of left a few finger prints in on the back of the chairs since I was rushing a tad on the glazing towards the end…
But, my husband brought me back to reality when he said
“It looks a lot  better then before.”
And to be honest, that was the whole point!
What I used:
 PEA31101 Kilz Spray Primer White
Primed all the pieces with Kilz SPRAY PAINT primer! No sanding with this stuff!
 Way better then painting it on. I tried to paint a chair since I had the liquid on hand and it took for.ev.er. The spray covers sooooo well and its a cinch to do. No brush marks no clumps
Spray paint in white gloss.
(insert whatever spray paint you have on hand or like)
 Valspar Tintable Glaze from Lowes:
( I chose the color Raisen…something or rather)
Cabot Midnight Stain and Poly in one:
Cabot Quart Midnight Stain and Sealer in One
And to seal and protect the chairs I used:
Minwax® Paste Finishing Wax
For painting on the glaze and stain I just bought a cheapo combo bag of foam brushes at Wal-mart for like $3.
 Loew-Cornell Foam Brushes, 20-Pack, 2" Wide
 the end.

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