Here are some recent pictures I needed to purge from my phone.   I’m not sure what this is all about. First time she fell asleep midlunch.  or mid any meal for that matter. Waiting at the bus stop. She pulled her little sister around in this box forever.  They both loved it. Tub time! […]

Deer Hunting

Last Sunday my husband and I spent the day enjoying the warm weather hunting.. Say whaaaa?! yup. We hiked up to this particular spot hoping to see something,  No luck. But after driving further down the road he spotted something, and we took off after it. It. As in, didn’t know if it was a […]

new pix

We got dressed up and took some family photo’s! woo hoo! I don’t think we have ever had pictures done where the whole point of going somewhere was for the sake of taking FAMILY photos. And getting 5 people to look in one direction with no blinking, bunny ears, wacky faces or crying is a […]

Phone Photo

Looking at this picture I am overcome with the feeling that I want to just reach into this moment and squeeze this child! She is growing up way too fast and I’m completely powerless to stop it. Its a helpless feeling fools.