Deer Hunting

Last Sunday my husband and I spent the day enjoying the warm weather hunting..
Say whaaaa?!
We hiked up to this particular spot hoping to see something, 
No luck.
But after driving further down the road he spotted something, and we took off after it.
As in, didn’t know if it was a buck. Or if there was a buck with it.
(Buck tag only folks)
(haha see what I did there)
 So I thought we were ‘road’ hunting.
As in no real, full fledged hiking… ummmm
“Bye truck see you in a few”.
If you squint real hard you may see it.
This would be the part of the story where I would like to share I was wearing Ugg Boots.
 Bailey Button
OLD Uggs with holes and no traction.
Basically they are glorified slippers.
And when I took this photo I was almost certain it would be my last.
 This hill….errrrr no…….this CLIFF was scary and I was slipping around like a greased pig.
 But it was worth it.
 It was a great ‘country style’ date.
and I didn’t die.
So that’s always a plus.
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