New traditions

For the last 7 years we made an annual family trip the the pumpkin patch.
Started with one little girl.
Then another:
And now we have this little rug rat:
Unfortunately the place we used to go to closed this year.
So in order to keep the tradition alive we tried out a new place.
And this place is like our old pumpkin patch on steroids!
Forget just the patch.. they had straw/corn/monster mazes, 
jump pillow, 
 (is that girl mine?! The same one dressed as a pumpkin at the top of the post?! Say it ain’t so!!)
cow cars,
(real men ride in tin cows, its a fact)
 corn kernel boxes.

And much more.
So did the girls miss the old pumpkin patch??? yeah, I don’t think so.
I did.
I admit, I have issues with letting go.
Weirdly enough, we spent so much time doing all the activities we didn’t even get a dang pumpkin!
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