Photography used to be such a huge passion for me, but when I become pregnant in 2011 (with our now precious little 15month old) my photo taking fanatic-ness faded. 
I have jokingly said she sucked all the creativity out of me. And really, that’s how it felt.  
Fast forward 2 years and I have reluctantly decided I might just miss it a wee bit. Reluctantly, because it does take sooooo much time. I often found myself getting stuck in the photo editing abyss and everything else would take a back seat. 
So today I’m getting my feet wet. Will I be fanatical about photography again??
Who knows.
But, I’m going to start taking more photos of my kids!
As of now they have a large gap in their photo-chronicled lives, and I want to end that.
So today I surprised myself and have posted a second blog post in two days. 
Weirdly enough its not of the kids.. Didn’t I just vow to take more photos of them??? 
2/3 are at school and 1/3 won’t hold still.
So here we be:
 A little back story about this Kodak beauty..
This wasn’t a lucky thrift shop find, it actually belonged to my husbands late grandma.
So it certainly holds a special place in our hearts. 
Just think of all the family photos she took with it! And she even had her own darkroom. 
A kindred spirit perhaps?

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