Adding textures using Photoshop

One of my favorite simple and quick edits to do in Photoshop is to add a texture. Adding a texture can really make a photo pop. Take this shot from a few months ago: Then with added texture: ┬áHere is another example of one from last year with no texture: And then with: ┬áThe opacity […]

Lookie, Lookie! Loook at meeeee!

 Getting any photos of our youngest looking at me is darn near impossible. The   complete refusal:  The  lookie lou eye shift: And the  Olfa’s teeth are in my face: Not a common everyday affliction, but you get the gist. But then there are times where she is like this: Then this: Which I’m quite […]

Tom girl

My converstaion with our 7 year old: Her: “Mom, I’m a tom girl.” Me: “You mean tom boy?” Her: “No. Tom girl. I like sports, but I like fashion too. So I’m a tom GIRL” Makes perfect sense to me.

Mary, Mary….

I FINALLY got some sugar snap peas from the garden yesterday. One. One little pea. But I did get a ton of kale, broccoli, and lettuce.  Im also going to use the leaves from the broccoli stock and satue them in coconut oil like I do with the kale.  Have you ever done this? I […]

Why I love Photoshop reason #5663235

My niece came and stayed with us last week and my girls were in Heaven. Most of the time. Ever heard of the third wheel syndrome? It ran rapid in our house.  We had a case for seven days. BUT,  it was all worth it. They made memories for a lifetime and even fell asleep […]