Why I love Photoshop reason #5663235

My niece came and stayed with us last week and my girls were in Heaven.
Most of the time.
Ever heard of the third wheel syndrome?
It ran rapid in our house. 
We had a case for seven days.
 it was all worth it.
They made memories for a lifetime and even fell asleep holding hands.
And while Im trying to get back in the photo/editing/blogging swing of things,
I had the perfect little photo to get back in the groove.
 The girls were playing outback on a hot day and having a blast. 
 So I took out my camera to capture memories. 
No perfect posed kids or anything, just average goofy kid play.
Now, I love this picture…
 The toothless smile, the photobomb and the fact that it looks like she has three arms.
Say what?!
A little fix here, a little lighten there, a little arm removal and photobomb kissy face deletion.
and done.
Now I can just focus on the super sweet face without any distractions.
(and that darn bright softball too.)
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