Cannon Ball

This is my entry for I Heart Faces ‘Water’ theme this month. It’s one of my favorites..and I’ll be dang… I actually have this printed AND hanging on my wall upstairs! Success! —— ┬áHer new thing last night was ‘Barbie does cannon balls into the tub’. I just have to document that little tidbit because […]

The Caillou Effect

Do you know of Caillou? It’s a cartoon on PBS and it’s a major hit with kids. I will admit, I don’t know why. He is bald, whiny and annoying.  And all three of my girls LOVE him.Go figure, right? We even have a Caillou doll that was given to the girls a few years […]

Just Words

She is: Kind. Loving.Sweet. Goofy. Dramatic. Creative. Shy. A Worrier. Sensitive. Talented. Comical.Beautiful. The End. P.S.So I need to add something. On Sunday I was moving a ladder around outside and making noise along the side of the house. The kids didn’t know I was out there and got scared. The above child got her […]

Live A Thousand Lives

I love reading. I have tried to instill the same love for it into my girls. I may be in for a hard battle with genetics because my husband is the opposite when it comes to opening up a book. In fact, he lays claim that the last book he read has the word Goosebumps […]


I know it’s inevitable. Kids grow up. I’ve had it happen to my older two and now its happening again. Wah. This little girl is embarking on her terrible two’s and I’m trying to enjoy them. Sounds weird perhaps, but I’m 99.9% sure this is my last baby. My last terrible twos. So I have […]