I know it’s inevitable.
Kids grow up.
I’ve had it happen to my older two and now its happening again.
This little girl is embarking on her terrible two’s and I’m trying to enjoy them.
Sounds weird perhaps, but I’m 99.9% sure this is my last baby.
My last terrible twos.
So I have been reminding myself to just try and enjoy those tantrums and toddlerhood.
This can be difficult when your trying to shop, cook dinner, or just hear anything in general.
But I’m trying.
Where is this coming from?
Well today I caught her looking out the window this morning and it reminded me of a picture I took awhile back. So I snapped a new one for comparison.

She doesn’t need the trim anymore to get a boost to look out.
Things change.
Time marches on.
Kids grow up.
I’ll get wrinkles, grey hair, saggy stuff and all that crap. 
But I couldn’t ask for anything better then getting old and watching my kids turn into these amazing little people.
Change can be hard, but rewarding.

Besides, who want’s to live a stagnant life anyways?

Little by little


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    Very sweet post Leesha! It’s a great reminder to hang on and let go. I feel your pangs of knowing you are having some lasts. Thank you for joining us this week at Little Things Thursday. I enjoyed your post.

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    Love these images, just divine! The comparative window images could be something you continue with as she gets older perhaps?
    I’m also savouring every moment with my little son, he’s definitely the last one for us. Why does time seem to escape so quickly when they’re small!?

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      What a good idea! Maybe I will try and do that as she gets older.
      I think time really does go by faster as you age…how unfair! 😉

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    How I understand what you wrote but fear not – I’ve enjoyed every stage of my three kids’ long process to growing up. They are becoming young adults now and I’m still loving it. What you lose in sweet toddler words you gain in quality adult conversations. The beautiful shared moments and hugs are still there. 🙂

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