Easy App To Save You Money!

  I always like to save a buck.
I’m frugal, but not crazy.
I’m not one of those insane coupon ladies with 25 bottles of Ex-lax in her garage cause they were free with coupons and price match.
No way.
That’s just crazy, and well… weird.
I’m also not even one of those clever people with the coupon binder.
I don’t clip coupons from the Sunday paper or spend hours checking weekly ads, but I found some couponing that I love!
It’s a smartphone app that you can easily download and get CASH rebates.


 Like I said, I don’t spend tons of time couponing, but with this I have already earned over $20!
Say what?!
**update I’m over $100 now!**
You can get cash rebates from everyday items like milk, bread, eggs etc.
ANY BRAND with lots of stores to choose from.
And once you earn rebates you can send
the money to a Paypal account OR Venmo.
Or you can even redeem for gift cards.
And as an added perk, you can be on a team with your friends and family and unlock cash bonus’s together.
So its fun and you can save money.
And who doesn’t like being all suave and scanning bar codes in a grocery store like you own the joint… ummm anyone?
(and by scan I mean take a photo with your phone of the UPC)
Okay, so I may be alone in that but if you join my team we can take on the rebate world together!!
(you don’t have to scan anything in the store, by the way, it just to double check your buying the right item, which is ingenious! Cause I would screw that up I’m sure.)
What do ya say???
Here is a link to join my team:
Come on now, whatcha waiting for?



  1. says

    I love Ibotta. I just always wish there were more items that we buy at stores we buy from, but they are adding more all the time!

  2. says

    What!!?? This sounds fabulous! I’ve tried the coupon thing, and well lets just say I suck at it!! I am going to get this and give it a try! Looks simple enough 😉 Thank you for the money saving tip!!

  3. says

    I’ve never heard of this app. But it surely sounds like a great app. I will definitely check it out. I love me some savings. 🙂

    • justleesha says

      It probably is Ibotta that you are thinking up. You have to take a photo of the receipt. 🙂

  4. says

    I seriously LOVE ibotta! I get the most use out of it using it at Target in conjunction with the Cartwheel app. Serious savings!

  5. says

    That’s awesome that you are making money with Ibotta. I actually had the app on my phone but never used it. I also use to be a crazy coupon person with the binder and all but I fell off that wagon last year. Since my crazy coupon days I just grocery shop and waste my money . I know I go from one extreme to another!! So, I think I just might try using that app soon!

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