I need a little Joy Behar.

I have an illness.
An over thinking things ailment.
When it comes to pictures I will sometimes take a ridiculous amount of time ‘fixing’ them.
When in reality they don’t even need it.
After doing that today I wanted to kick myself.
“What the heck Self? Get it together.”
Please tell me I’m not crazy and we all have this internal dialog… right???
So here is the photo I overdid,
over thought, and over whatevered.
Black and white?
 Oh, dear I dunno.
They both needed something, but I couldn’t figure it out. 
It was getting Photoshop ridiculous up in here, I needed to move on.
 So to quote one of my favorite SNL one liners:
Thanks Joy.
 I needed that.
This blurry straight out of the camera one is my favorite anyways.
So take that Self!


  1. says

    I love the black and white version! And I do the same thing, girl! I just have to step back from the computer and look at it again in a few hours!

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