The Caillou Effect

Do you know of Caillou?
It’s a cartoon on PBS and it’s a major hit with kids.
I will admit, I don’t know why.
He is bald, whiny and annoying. 
And all three of my girls LOVE him.
Go figure, right?
We even have a Caillou doll that was given to the girls a few years ago by our old neighbors.
He has been packed around everywhere and even has a permanent Carmex ring around his lips. (Applied courtesy of a chapped lipped concerned girl child).

Though my older girls may not readily admit it, they still get sucked into the Caillou abyss when its on TV.

And I would be lying if I didn’t say I’ve caught my husband zoning in a time or two as well.

It’s called the Caillou Effect.
Are you a sufferer?


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    that is the ONE children’s show that I just can’t handle. I’ve even let my kids watch Tellytubbies and Boohba before they’ve seen Caillou. “Mo-o-m-my…. Rosie took my shovel!” I can’t handle the whining!

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      Oh man, Tellytubbies vs Caillou? I think I would lean towards Caillou! LOL One of the other kids TV shows that I think I may like less is Yo GabaGaba. Good Lawwwwd those kinda TV shows make me pity the camera crew, the people in costumes and all the people putting on that whole production. Nice to see you again, your blog has been quiet. 🙂

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    I confess!!! we have that same illness here at home too. I have two older girls (11 and 9) and our little new 17 month old addition. I thought I would never watch Barney again… but guess what!?!?
    First time visiting your blog,,, It is really great!

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      There is a definite pull that those children shows have. Something strangely magnetic. 😉 Even the kids who are ‘too cool’ can’t handle it. ha.

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    I have never heard of this show before but those are the cutest photos! I adore the one of her lying on the floor watching it on the iPad. Mega cuteness. Thanks so much for linking up with #MMWBH x

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