Watermark Tutorial

 It can be a little unsettling when you find your photos on a website that you didn’t approve. The best way to protect yourself and your images is to put a watermark on them. It may not keep all people from ‘stealing’, but at least you have marked your photos with your name, logo, or website address so they can’t steal credit.
Here is a simple step by step tutorial on how to make a brush in Photoshop
 so you too can watermark your images.
First open a new file. 
For this example I chose a simple 200 x 200 square.
 Next your going to want to choose your watermark image. 
This can be as simple as your name, an image or a combo of both.
I chose a heart from the Photoshop stock images.

  Once the heart was made, I added some small text.

Once you have the image and writing done that you want for your watermark, you are ready to make the brush. Simply go to:
‘Define Brush Preset’

Now you need to name your new brush.
Once named, you can open the brush menu and you will see it listed.
Now you can watermark away! 
Make it as large, or as bold as you like by adjusting opacity and color, just like you can all your other brushes.
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