Weddings and faintings

We just got back from a quick trip to the mountains for a wonderful wedding.
This is the second such event in the last few weeks and I think it’s safe to say the child below is infatuated.
At the last wedding we went to I’m almost certain she is in a good majority of the wedding photographer’s photos. She was so in awe of the bride she followed her whenever she could.
It was adorable, but I was a little worried she might wear out her welcome. 
Silly girl.
Now, this child..

She is the dancer.

The mover and the shaker. 
The child that runs circles around the speech giver without the slightest idea she is causing a ruckus .
(true story)
 the oldest.

 We had an incident prior to heading up to the wedding. Her new white dress you see here was the victim of a nose bleed. Now, if you know this girl you know there is no such thing as a minor problem when there is blood.
It’s catastrophic. 
It’s not her fault, she just has panic attacks and faints. Yup. I blame my genetics for this. (sorry hunny!)
So while in the bathroom sopping up her nose she passed out a few times, thankfully in the arms of her dad and I.
Quick back story..When this first happened a few years ago I freaked. I had no idea what was going on and so in good fashion… I panicked (told you it was my genetics!). She hurt herself riding her bike and while I was trying to clean her wound she just went limp as a noodle and started shaking. I was screaming for help from the bathroom like a crazy person hoping someone outside would hear me. One of the scariest moments I have had as a mom. Since then she has passed out a few other times, once even when she pulled out a tooth and I found her in the hall completely out of it. Poor child.
But back the wedding..
despite the nose bleed incident, it was a great day!
My husband and his dad.
Sis front and center at the cake cutting.
My handsome man enjoying a brew.
Some good little sister hugs.
and pizza.

 (these pizza shots are courtesy of my seven year old.)
I heard they had 20 of these bad boys delivered.
First time I have ever been to a wedding with pizza delivery, and I loved it!
Congrats to the couple!! 
We have a wonderful time.


  1. says

    For sure! She can’t even talk about blood or see any sort of injury on TV. Its pretty bad. I hope she grows out of it a bit before she has kids.. in like you know….30 years! 😉

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