When The Huffington Post knocks…

When the Huffington Post knocks, you answer.  Well you may or may not scream, hyperventilate, giggle like a little school girl, have to change your pants, then answer, but you answer.  This is all theoretically speaking of course. So imagine my surprise, no, shock….when a Huffington Post Photo Editor knocked on my proverbial door. I […]


Just a few random shots from the park the other day. Like a boss. Walking a dog while riding your bike. Hmmmm what could ever go wrong?! la-dee-da This girl LOVES to swing.  We have swings at home, but its still one of the first things she goes to when we are at a park. […]

And so it begins..

Today is the first day of school! Wahoo! Yay! Self high five! And whats the first day without the annual first day photo. A close up.  Not sure what happened here, but its a blurry mess. Whoops. And I would like to point out,  while most seven year old girls would choose princess, flowers, or […]

The Hot Lava Disappointment

Since I was little my family has taken the same I-84 freeway route (sometimes multiple times a year) along the Columbia River Gorge to visit family in Oregon. And every time we passed Maryhill Museum, perched way up high on the bluffs overlooking the river, I marvled at it.  To me it symbolized what every […]

Maryhill. Take one.

For the last day or two I  have been trying to get a post written about the last leg of our quick trip last weekend, but things have been busy.  Same tune, different day anyone? I have to say, getting back in a routine is going to be awesome!! I always miss my girls when […]