Mark & Ellen

My mom and I were talking the other day about jerks, (you know the kind) and during our conversation she quoted something Mark Twain once said:
and I just thought, ya know what… he was right.
(This doesn’t apply to all people of course, just the jerks.)
And speaking of people, a little side story…
Years ago a friend of mine was up hunting alone and it got dark before he was able to make it back to camp. Not wanting to wander around at night he found a suitable sleeping spot under a tree and waited until morning when he could walk out. When he got back and told me what happened and my first reaction was, 
 “Weren’t you scared to be out there in the woods. At night. Alone?!”
His response?
“Ya know, people scare me more then anything out there.”
Now bears totally freak me out, but he had a point.
People can be scary and jerky.
(yes, jerky or maybe jerky-ish?)
Now, we all have our bad days, but it really pisses me off when people are just plain mean.
Getting pissed about that maybe counterproductive, but to quote another great philosopher..
“Be kind to one another.”


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