Maryhill. Take one.

For the last day or two I  have been trying to get a post written about the last leg of our quick trip last weekend, but things have been busy. 
Same tune, different day anyone?
I have to say, getting back in a routine is going to be awesome!! I always miss my girls when they are at school, but I think it’s something we certainly need. The oldest has been getting bored and I have been told I am the ‘worse mom ever’ and I have ‘ruined their lives’ a few times these last few days.
I’m really on a roll.
Go me!
So while I find time to write more about our trip, I wanted to include just a few of my favorites from the museum we visited.
If you follow me on instagram you would of seen this one too:

And because I can’t stop myself, here is another:


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    Routine is a dear old friend, for awhile, and then we need spontaneity. I love how we need variety to feel human. I’m with you on this being the perfect time for routine. I need to find you on IG, too!

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