The Hot Lava Disappointment

Since I was little my family has taken the same I-84 freeway route (sometimes multiple times a year) along the Columbia River Gorge to visit family in Oregon.
And every time we passed Maryhill Museum, perched way up high on the bluffs overlooking the river, I marvled at it.
 To me it symbolized what every little girl dreams about. 
A castle.
In fact, that’s what I have been telling my girls for years every time we drive by.
Me: “See girls! Look up there!! That’s a castle!!”
Girls: “ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh”
So we finally decided to visit said castle.
And the first thing our middle daughter said as we pulled up,
“Where is the hot lava that is supposed to go around it?!”
errrrr ummmmm sorry kid! 
No hot lava.
Utter disappointment. 
But we went in anyways.
Even though there wasn’t hot lava, or a moat of any kind, they still thought it was awesome.
In fact, I had to try and keep up with them as they ran around gawking at everything.
And I mean everything.
“Dad! Why aren’t these people wearing clothes?!”
“Ummmm, its hot? I dunno.”
Moving along.
 Things have changed a lot from how I remember on my last visit ten plus years ago.
They have built out a new modern wing, added a cafe and a kids hands on art room that included drawing, sculpting, and chess stations.
There was one thing though that is just like I remembered,
the view.
 Total we spent a good two hours enjoying all the exhibits.
One of those hours was solely spent redirecting little eyes from statues, portraits, and photo’s of naked people.
What can ya say?
 It’s art.

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