When The Huffington Post knocks…

When the Huffington Post knocks, you answer. 
Well you may or may not scream, hyperventilate, giggle like a little school girl, have to change your pants, then answer, but you answer. 
This is all theoretically speaking of course.
So imagine my surprise, no, shock….when a Huffington Post Photo Editor knocked on my proverbial door.
I went through the following?
“Who me?!”
“No friggn way! This is a scam!”
“Oh my Gawd.. it might not be a scam!”
So after I gathered myself I got to work.
I assumed it was just a minor glitch in their proposal email data base (is there such a thing?) and tried to keep my cool.
Flash forward a few impatient weeks…
I wrote an article, included a few photos, submitted it to the editors and this morning my first blog in the Arts and Culture section of Huffington Post was published.
Im excited, hopeful and still a little flabergasted.
 Now I’m waiting on bated breath to see where this will take me.

You can read the article here.
As of now I will get to post blogs on Huffington at my leisure, but I will still be doing most of my blogging here on my personal site.
I’m not sure where this will lead, if anywhere, but if anything it was as awesome experience!
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