Do apples fall far from trees?

She is quit the mix.
From the front I see my oldest.
From the side I see my middle child.
Then I see parts that are simply just Her.
I find it so fascinating how our children can be so different.
In both their appearance and personalities.
Same parents.
Same genetics.
Same home.
Same discipline, love and affection.
three completely different little people.
 Different interests.
Different temperament.
Different likes and dislikes.
It always begs the question, nature or nurture?
A little bit of both perhaps.
But one thing I know for certain.
All three hailed from this crazy creature:
I would like to thank my amazing nine year old for capturing a true portrait of her mother.
I wear this look on a daily basis.
Crazy eyes and all.

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    This was so neat. Your girls do look quite a bit alike and yet different. I loved the fun shot of you as well. – A new follower to your blog.

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