Forever and Ever. Amen.

My oldest has blue saucers for eyes.
She also has a heart of gold and a flare for the dramatics.
She loves art, design, and pestering her little sister when I’m not looking.
She told me she doesn’t want to go far away for college and live with me forever. 
I made her swear it and sign a contract.
The End.
I happen to glance at this photo again and for a second thought it was me.
I think I may of had too much wine.
Good night.


  1. says

    Oh she is absolutely beautiful Leesha! My 9 year old Zack has said similar… he insists he’s going to live with me forever… I wonder what age he’ll get sick of me and be wanting to move out? 😉

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      Genetics can be so crazy! I think she looks like me too, but our middle child? I see my husband 99%! (I get to claim her lips..they are sooo my lips 😉 )

    • says

      She let me kinda sorta fix it for her picture. She is getting more independent in the hair department which means some pretty messy hair days. I will admit I cringe as we walk to the bus once in awhile. 🙂

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