Huffington Series, Numero Uno.

I have been working on something for the Huffington Post for awhile. 
It didn’t really go as planned.
I can honestly say that I don’t think any of my photo ‘things’ every go exactly how I envision.  But, I keep on truckn’.
Well, most of the time. 
I have scrapped a few projects. 
Cause they sucked.
Okay, I’m not sure where I’m going with this. I like to free flow… all the greats do it right?
Not that I am a great.. I’m just a regular, but oh man…
this post is going downhill and nowhere at the same time.
Back on track…
I wanted to do something in a series, an ongoing project if you will. 
It’s taking a lot time, and willing subjects (my kids), so there have been a few hurdles, about three to be exact. 
But here she be:

If you have the time,
could you please like and share my post from the Huffington site?
The more likes and shares I get of the the original article the farther up the roster I get to move.
I would be eternally grateful!
Thanks so much, especially if at this point you are still reading this.
You rock.


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