Oh, what a beautiful morning.

If you follow me on Instagram you might of seen this photo this morning. 
I snapped it as we walked down to the bus.
(Though I’m sure the backpacks were a dead giveaway on that. 
Captain Obvious here at your service.)
 But as I was saying,
 when I took this picture I just felt like it was going to be a good day. 
You know what I mean?
Perhaps these feelings were brought on by the fact the girls only fought 3.5 times while getting ready for school.
Which is pretty darn good.
It was the perfect beginning to the day.
And when they got home…….
 I’ll be dang,
they only fought another 2.75 times, each crying only once, and to top it off they both got all their homework done.
That’s right!
 Uh huh!
So like all mothers do, I gave myself a self-high-five,
(which isn’t awkward at all)
 and called it a successful day in the mothering department. 


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